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Daily briefing.

Toyota disclosed Friday that attackers had accessed customer sales data on its servers in Japan, ZDNet reports. There's no attribution yet, but speculation has turned toward Vietnamese threat group APT32. Infosecurity Magazine says that Toyota's operations in Vietnam may also have been hit.

As risk of Magento e-commerce software exploitation rises, BankInfo Security and others recommend immediate patching. Threatpost has a summary of available fixes.

ZDNet reports the Russian government has served ten VPN providers with notice that they have thirty days to connect their services to a government blacklist of forbidden sites or cease operations. Of the ten providers Moscow's communications authority Roskomnadzor put on notice (NordVPN, Hide My Ass, Hola VPN, OpenVPN, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, TorGuard, IPVanish, Kaspersky Secure Connection, and VPN Unlimited) four (TorGuard, VyprVPN, OpenVPN, and NordVPN) have already stated their intention of exiting the Russian market rather than comply.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has an op-ed in the Washington Post in which he asks governments to regulate him.

The AP reported late Friday that Tyler Barriss has been sentenced to twenty years in a US Federal prison for his admitted role in Andrew Finch's December 2017 swatting death. Barriss's two alleged conspirators, Shane Gaskill and Casey Viner, await their own decisions.

BleepingComputer calls it ironic, but it somehow seems inevitable: the website of the Nigerian National Assembly for about two weeks was serving up a landing page for phishing attacks that were after DHL credentials. Needless to say it wasn't government policy to host this phishing tackle.


Today's issue includes events affecting Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

We understand that this is April Fool's Day, but to the best our knowledge, there are no pranks in this issue of the CyberWire. There really is, for example, a VPN that calls itself "Hide My Ass." We've seen it with our own two (or so) eyes. And believe it or not, it does seem that there was a credential-harvesting landing page insinuated into a Nigerian government site.

Outsmarting Attackers with Deep Learning

Adversaries are creating new attacks at such a speed and volume that signature and sandbox-based threat detection can’t keep up. Deep learning can help. By exposing neural nets to threat data, deep learning can learn to identify malicious traffic, even zero days seen for the first time. But why are advances possible today? How does deep learning differ from machine learning? Where’s the best place to apply deep learning? Get the answers here.

In today's podcast, out later this afternoon, we speak with our partners at the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute, as Joe Carrigan talks about a spyware vendor that left a large unsecured database open to inspection online.

Cyber Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Cryptowinter or not! North Korean hackers care less when they attack (CoinNewsSpan) Every industry is sympathetic about the Cryptowinter that has been haunting the market since last November, except the state-sponsored North Korean hackers who have been rampaging accounts online. According to cyber security experts, both Mac and Windows OS users continue to remain vulnerable to the cyber attack, which was launched when the CryptoWinter started. The …

Exodus: New Android Spyware Made in Italy (Security Without Borders) We identified a new Android spyware platform we named Exodus, which is composed of two stages we call Exodus One and Exodus Two. We have collected numerous samples spanning from 2016 to early 2019.

Researchers Find Google Play Store Apps Were Actually Government Malware (Motherboard) Security researchers have found a new kind of government malware that was hiding in plain sight within apps on Android’s Play Store. And they appear to have uncovered a case of lawful intercept gone wrong.

Toyota announces second security breach in the last five weeks (ZDNet) Toyota Japan says hackers might have stolen details of 3.1 million Toyota and Lexus car owners.

Toyota Japan Hacked, Vietnam Office Suspects Breach (Infosecurity Magazine) Toyota targeted by attackers for the second time in less than two months

Toyota data breach affects up to 3.1 million customers (CyberScoop) The Toyota data breach was the second high-profile cybersecurity incident at the global automotive giant in as many months.

VISA: The Undocumented Security Problem Inside Intel -- What You Need To Know (Forbes) Researchers have revealed a previously undocumented technology inside Intel chips that could potentially leave the door open to attackers after your data. Here's what you need to know about Intel VISA…

Intel VISA: Through the Rabbit Hole (Black Hat Asia 2019) The complexity of x86-based systems has become so great that not even specialists can know everything. The recently discovered Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities, as well as numerous issues in Intel Management Engine, underscore the platform's mindboggling intricacies. So, the chips manufacturer has to actively use of various means for manufacturing verification and post-silicon debugging.

Critical Magento Flaw Puts Commerce Sites at Risk (Decipher) A SQL injection flaw in the Magento platform could open up many commerce sites to attack.

Researchers publish list of MAC addresses targeted in ASUS hack (ZDNet) Most of the targeted MAC addresses are used by ASUStek, Intel, and AzureWave devices.

Security Firm Brute-Forces Kaspersky to Unveil ShadowHammer MAC... (Computer Business Review) An Australian cybersecurity company, Skylight Cyber, has brute forced Kaspersky's encryption to unveil the MAC addresses targeted in the ShadowHammer attack

Asus responds to major hack with no details, apology (CRN Australia) Response lacks a specific account for what happened.

Cellphone scam could cost victims thousands of dollars (WEWS) Police in Florida warn that a new crime trend could allow scammers to charge victims thousands of dollars to their cellphone bills.

Android WARNING: Shock alert about these widely-used Google Play Store apps (Express) ANDROID users have been put on alert about a widely-used range of apps from the Google Play Store.

Zero-Day Bug Lays Open TP-Link Smart Home Router (Threatpost) An exploit would allow an attacker to establish a persistent backdoor for ongoing remote access.

Is GDPR the new hacker scare tactic? (BetaNews) No one questions the good intent behind the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, or the need for companies to be more careful with the proprietary information they have about clients, patients, and other individuals they interact with regularly. While the provisions within the GDPR do help, they have also created new opportunities for hackers and identity thieves to exploit that data.

Hundreds of compromised Wordpress and Joomla websites are serving up malware to visitors (ZDNet) Researchers see a spike in compromised domains attempting to deliver malicious payloads including Shade ransomware and phishing links.

Google redirect: how to remove this virus (2-spyware) Google Redirect virus: the virtual annoyance that has been causing headache for computer users for years. Google redirect virus is a serious computer infection that causes

Tesla cars keep more data than you think, including this video of a crash that totaled a Model 3 (CNBC) The computers contain info about previous owners, including video, location and navigational data showing what happened just before a crash.

IoT threats: Explosion of 'smart' devices filling up homes leads to increasing risks (F-Secure Blog) IoT Threat Landscape: Old Hacks, New Devices, a new report from F-Secure, finds that 2018 may be the turning point. IoT Threats can no longer be ignored.

Planet Hollywood Owner Suffers Major POS Data Breach (Infosecurity Magazine) Planet Hollywood Owner Suffers Major POS Data Breach. Customer card details were taken over a 10-month period

Ironically, Phishing Kit Hosted on Nigerian Government Site (BleepingComputer) Those who remember earlier days of the internet are familiar with the "Nigerian Prince letter," also known as the 419 scam. While that fraud typically runs from personal email accounts, another one uses an official Nigerian government website to host a phishing page for the DHL international courier service.

City of Albany experiences cyber attack (WRGB) Mayor Kathy Sheehan tweeted Saturday that the City of Albany has experienced a ransomware cyber attack. Mike Stamas, an expert at GreyCastle Security, says ransomware is a common exploit for hackers. Basically, it locks down computers, requiring payment to restore access to your network, files, and system information. Ransomware attacks can be instigated from anywhere, and take advantage of vulnerable software, or of a person clicking a link in a phishing email.

Albany cyber attack affecting records, police (Times Union) Police officers do not have access to internet-dependent systems, leaving them in the dark about manpower on patrols and possibly slowing down call response times a day after a ransomware cyber attack on the city, according to a Facebook post from the police union's vice president.

Cyber attack at Newport schools didn’t expose student data (Penn Live) Newport School District was victim to an email-based cyber attack that exposed some staff to a virus, but left alone student data.

Annual Protest Raises $250K to Cure Krebs (KrebsOnSecurity) For the second year in a row, denizens of a large German-language online forum have donated more than USD $250,000 to cancer research organizations in protest of a story KrebsOnSecurity published in 2018 that unmasked the creators of Coinhive, a now-defunct cryptocurrency mining service that was massively abused by cybercriminals. Krebs is translated as “cancer” in German.

Security Patches, Mitigations, and Software Updates

Magento's Latest Patches Should Be Applied Immediately (BankInfo Security) If you run a Magento-powered e-commerce site, it’s time to patch again. E-commerce sites continued to be targeted by cybercriminals seeking to steal payment card

Magento Patches Critical SQL Injection and RCE Vulnerabilities (Threatpost) Magento patched 37 flaws Thursday, including a stored cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that could have let an attacker take over a site.

VMware likes service providers so much it gave them their own bug to fix! (CRN Australia) vCloud Director can be hijacked, which is very scary!

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Tools Released, Alongside SCCM Update (Redmond Channel Partner) Several Microsoft management, security and compliance solutions hit their latest release milestones this week.

Microsoft, Huawei Fix Security Issue in Huawei Laptops (Light Reading) While Microsoft gives Huawei an attaboy for quick response to the security flaw, it's not a good look for Huawei.

Verizon releases March patch for Moto G6, still no sign of Android Pie (The Android Soul) Verizon Wireless has a new software update rolling out to the Motorola Moto G6 in the U.S. This is the...

Cyber Trends

NIST’s Ron Ross on the state of cyber: ‘We literally are hemorrhaging critical information’ (Fifth Domain) And throwing money at the problem won't help, the National Institute of Standards and Technology's fellow said during an interview at the RSA Federal Summit.

The Impact of Cyber Security theory in the World (Modern Diplomacy) The correct control of cyber security often depends on decisions under uncertainty. Using quantified information about risk, one may hope to achieve more precise control by making better decisions. Information technology (IT) is critical and valuable to our society. IT systems support business processes by storing, processing, and communicating critical and sensitive business data. In […]

Among Tech Companies, DMARC and Revenue Are Positively Correlated (Valimail) Large tech companies are moving more quickly than most to protect themselves by using state-of-the-art email authentication.

Banks have created a fraudsters’ paradise (Times) It may not comfort Anthony Loehnis, the retired Bank of England grandee who transferred tens of thousands of pounds to fraudsters, but he is not alone. Google and Facebook were recently defrauded...

Technology Industry Report, 2019 (Valimail) Tech Companies Make Progress in Anti-Phishing Protection: Sector’s Embrace of DMARC and SPF a Good Sign — But Implementation Challenges Remain.

Understanding the cost of a cybersecurity attack: The losses organizations face (Packt Hub) In this article, you will learn the different losses an organization faces post a cyber attack.

As drones fill the skies, cybercriminals won’t be far behind (Naked Security) Putting these toys back in the box after a decade of hype isn’t going to be easy, but these researchers are exploring the options.


Cybersecurity spend tops $37b, but still only a fraction of IT investment (Security Brief) As spend continues to increase, cybersecurity only represents 2% of total IT expenditure, even as organisations increase protection against malicious threats and keep in line with data compliance regulations.

Israeli spy tech firm linked to Khashoggi murder said to freeze Saudi deals (Times of Israel) While NSO has concluded that its equipment was not directly used in journalist's killing, company still concerned that Riyadh misused it, Washington Post reports

UK's criticism of Huawei's security flaws is 'damaging': Expert (CNBC) Roger Entner of Recon Analytics explains why the U.K report criticizing Huawei for its security flaws is "damaging."

Huawei: Hundred Billion Dollar Troll (Fortune) The Financial Times reported earlier this week that Chinese telecom equipment manufacturing giant Huawei Technology has hired top-drawer Washington public relations group Burson Cohn & Wolfe to “help it make its case in the US following months of media and political scrutiny.”

Security world moving more to subcription model (MicroscopeUK) Vendors are being advised to make sure that the channel can support that shift away from traditional ways of purchasing security hardware and software

DoD will crackdown on contractors not complying with cybersecurity standards (Federal News Network) The Defense Department will audit contractor cybersecurity in the next year and a half, says Ellen Lord, DoD undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment.

Despite ban on spyware ads, Google shows ads for firm tied to hacking abuses (Fast Company) Google ads are the latest weapon in a P.R. blitz by Israel’s embattled NSO Group, which denies claims that its spyware helped track a slain Saudi journalist.

Mueller’s Most Lasting Legacy May Be on K Street (Foreign Policy) The special counsel’s investigation has upended Washington’s influence industry.

Thales successfully completes Gemalto purchase (Jane's 360) Defence and transportation company Thales has successfully completed its purchase of French digital security supplier Gemalto, with shareholders responsible for 85.58% of the company’s stock agreeing to its offer before a deadline on 28 March. A total of 79,889,388 shares in Gemalto have now

Gemalto Shareholders Accept Thales' Acquisition Offer (Mobile ID World) It's official: Thales and Gemalto are merging. With the March 28th deadline for Gemalto shareholders to accept Thales' acquisition offer now passed...

SentinelOne VP: BlackBerry purchasing Cylance has been good for us (CRN) Cybersecurity vendor claims to have taken EDR to the next level with 'active' approach

Grindr up for sale amid US fears for Chinese-owned data (Naked Security) A US national security panel told Kunlun, that its ownership of Grindr constitutes a national security risk.

Blow To Bitcoin As World's Largest Cryptocurrency IPO Is Iced (Forbes) Bitcoin, trapped in a more than year-long bear market, has lost some 80% in value over the last 15 months and caused many of those in the nascent industry to change or postpone their bitcoin and cryptocurrency plans...

Josh Elliot: Booz Allen Engages in Federal Deep Learning, AI Tech Development Projects (ExecutiveBiz) Josh Elliot, principal and director of artificial intelligence at Booz Allen Hamilton, told Datanami in an interview published Thursday about the company’s involvement in deep learning programs within the federal government. “We have probably 60 or more [projects] right now, today, active in deep le

Former IBM and Cisco Executive Tom Noonan to Join Bakkt as Chairman of Board · Cryptosumer (Cryptosumer) Kelly Loeffler, the CEO of institutional trading platform Bakkt, announced that former cybersecurity expert at IBM, Cisco and Endgame Tom Noonan will become the chairman of its board of directors. The development was reported in a Medium post published on March 29. Per the announcement, the founder, chairman and CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

Products, Services, and Solutions

200,000th Vulnerability Added To VulnDB (And Why You Should Care) (Risk Based Security) Risk Based Security today announced the addition of the 200,000th vulnerability to VulnDB, the preeminent database of vulnerability intelligence. This significant record highlights the scale of the security challenges faced by organizations, and the sheer volume of data that they need to be able to process.

Version 3 is in the wild! (Active Countermeasures) Although specifically, its version 3.1.4159 for all you Pi fans. This is a huge update that includes a lot of changes! We …

FireEye debuts Windows Commando VM as Linux Kali rival (ZDNet) The toolkit is aimed at filling a gap in the Windows-based penetration testing space.

Akamai Revamps Security Portfolio With New Edge Capabilities (Zacks Investment Research) Akamai (AKAM) introduces new enhancements to its security solutions and Intelligent Edge Platform.

Cybersecurity Firm WISeKey Launches Blockchain-Powered ID Solution for IoT Devices (Cointelegraph) WISeKey has launched a new blockchain-powered digital identity solution to protect Internet of Things devices and their data.

Technologies, Techniques, and Standards

GlobalPlatform and the Trusted Platform Association Collaborate on Trusted IoT (GlobalPlatform) Set to bring greater ecurity, privacy, simplicity and convenience to the delivery of digital services

Securing Crypto Assets on the Blockchain - Rambus (Rambus) The rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency ecosystem demonstrates the power of the blockchain to revolutionize financial services and beyond. Yet at the same time, the inherent volatility provides a cautionary tale. With blockchain implementations gaining traction, it is clear that a new approach is required to …

Rethinking Response (F-Secure) While you know you will be targeted by a cyberattack, convincing the stakeholders in your business is not straightforward. But it will be you that has to answer for a breach, should it happen.

GlobalPlatform Takes First Steps Towards ‘Integrated’ Secure Element Standardization (GlobalPlatform) GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices, has published the world’s first open specifications to facilitate the standardization of integrated secure elements. Chip, device and firmware developers now have a standardized way to load and manage firmware

How to be Secure in the Challenging Business Landscape (Infosecurity Magazine) Data security applies in equal measure to start-ups, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and global consortia

Privileged access management: the cyber priority for the pharmaceutical sector (Health Europa) Privileged access management operates as a much-needed step to secure pharmaceutical organisations in the age of the mass data breach, says CyberArk’s David Higgins.

SMBs facing challenges in data backup (Business Standard) Most small and medium businesses (SMBs) globally are facing challenges when it comes to backing up and recovering data, a new report said on Friday.

Dealerships' cybersecurity plan targets vendors (Automotive News) Stringent vendor standards are part of Zimbrick dealerships' broader effort to stay ahead of data security threats. The strategy also includes installing sophisticated firewalls, sending regular phishing email tests and limiting network access.

ICO Invites Applicants to GDPR Sandbox (Infosecurity Magazine) ICO Invites Applicants to GDPR Sandbox. Beta phase will see 10 organizations given support for development of new services

Managing Cyber Risk In The Electric Power Sector (E-3 Magazine International) The network of power plants and lines connecting to homes and businesses is one of the most frequently attacked infrastructures, Deloitte report finds.

Energy Resilience Demands Action—Just Not This One (POWER Magazine) Op-ed: President Trump's attempt to funnel billions of dollars to electric utilities to subsidize uncompetitive nuclear and coal power plants is a bad idea.

140th Cyberspace Operations Squadron unveils new facility (DVIDS) The 140th Cyberspace Operations Squadron held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the unveiling of their new fully operable facility on March 27, 2019, on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. Starting with only 21 members, in July of 2015, the 140th COS became the New Jersey Air National Guard's newest squadron. They are one of 12 Air National Guard cyber protection teams and are responsible for monitoring cyber-attacks to the nation's computer networks, stopping attacks, identifying hackers, and repairing the resulting damage.

Design and Innovation

New Facebook tool answers the question “Why am I seeing this post?” (TechCrunch) Facebook announced today that it is adding a feature called “Why am I seeing this post?” to News Feeds. Similar to “Why am I seeing this ad?,” which has appeared next to advertisements since 2014, the new tool has a dropdown menu that gives users information about why that post appeared in their Ne…

Facebook to finally explain the decisions of its news feed algorithm (The Telegraph) Facebook will finally begin telling its users why posts appear in their news feeds as it seeks to assuage public concerns about the spread of fake news and its influence over billions of people's reading habits.

Infotoons spread a good word on cyber safe girls (The Times of India) MANGALURU: Ananth Prabhu, cyber security expert who is the adviser for Vikas Group of Institutions, and Vivek Shetty, an entrepreneur and social activ.

Research and Development

DARPA Seeks to Make Scalable On-Chip Security Pervasive (Mil Aero) For the past decade, cybersecurity threats have moved from high in the software stack to progressively lower levels of the computational hierarchy, working their way towards the underlying hardware.

WVU professor receives National Science Foundation grant for cyberspace security research (WV News) West Virginia University’s Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation to look into ways of enhancing cyberspace security.


Morphisec Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship 2019 (Morphisec) Morphisec is offering three scholarships worth $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000 for the 2019-2020 school year for female students currently studying cybersecurity or a cybersecurity-related topic.

BSC earns designation in cybersecurity excellence (Bismarck Tribune) The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated Bismarck State College as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education through academic year 2024.

UTSA sets up temporary home for new cyber hub (San Antonio Express-News) The University of Texas at San Antonio is building a National Security Collaboration Center and a School of Data Science at the university’s downtown campus.

Legislation, Policy, and Regulation

Cyber specialists will be watching — and learning from — Ukraine’s election (CyberScoop) From power outages to the crippling NotPetya wiper worm, Ukraine has been ground zero for disruptive cyber-operations linked to Russia in recent years. The weeks leading up to Ukraine’s presidential election have only reinforced that narrative. The country’s president accused the Russian government of conducting a denial-of-service attack on the country’s election commission. Only Moscow took issue with that claim. With that context in mind, the eyes of cybersecurity practitioners around the world – from officials in allied governments to private-sector specialists – will be on Kiev on Sunday as millions of Ukrainians go to the polls to pick a president. The Atlantic Council, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, has assembled a team of analysts in Ukraine and the U.S. to watch for any signs of foul play on election day. “There is always a strong correlation between malware propagation and geopolitics,” said Kenneth Geers, a senior fellow at the council who …

Inside the massive cyber war between Russia and Ukraine (VICE News) The battle over Ukraine's election is a preview for what the U.S. can expect in 2020.

Venezuela's Guaidó awaits army support (BBC News) Juan Guaidó tells the BBC that backing from the armed forces is needed to change the government.

US condemns Russia troop deployment to troubled Venezuela (Military Times) The Trump administration on Friday condemned Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro for what it said was his reliance on foreign military personnel to stay in power and renewed a warning to Russia against getting involved.

VPN providers pull Russian servers as Putin's ban threatens to bite (ZDNet) VPN services told to connect their systems to a Russian blacklist of banned websites or face the consequences.

List of countries that have officially banned VPN (The Windows Club) Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are restricted in a few countries & its use is illegal. Here is list of countries that have officially banned VPN software.

Defence Cyber Agency to empower Indian armed forces (Business Standard) As cyber threats from nation-state bad actors grow exponentially, India urgently requires to enhance the cyber capabilities of its armed forces, including the operationalisation of a Defence Cyber Agency, a new report has emphasised.

Huawei and ZTE could help China blackmail US allies, senators warn (Washington Examiner) Chinese telecommunications companies could help the country's spy services blackmail leaders of crucial European allies, a bipartisan group of senators on the Foreign Relations Committee is warning.

Issue the Executive Order (Center for Strategic and International Studies) Now that the United Kingdom’s report on Huawei is out, concluding that there is no way to manage the risk of using Huawei equipment, it is time for the U.S. to take the next step. You may think with all the recent clamor that the U.S. position is clear, but foreign partners say it is not.

Australia's 5G Ban on Huawei, ZTE a Safeguard in Case Relations with China Deteriorate, Says Former PM (NTD News) Australia banned Chinese telecom companies Huawei and ZTE from having a hand in building its 5G network to ...

U.S. official: UK report confirms warnings of Huawei risks (Herald and News) A British government report issued Thursday detailing security risks posed by Chinese firm Huawei confirms U.S. government warnings of security risks associated with the telecom giant, according

U.S. Trade Negotiators Take Aim at China’s Cybersecurity Law (Wall Street Journal) U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators haggled over how to get Beijing to walk back China’s tough cybersecurity law as both sides push to settle a yearlong tariff fight.

ScoMo floats tougher social media laws (CRN Australia) Social media execs could face jail under proposed new online violence laws.

Companies will stop storing data in Australia, Microsoft warns (Naked Security) Australia’s controversial anti-encryption laws came under independent scrutiny this week as tech leaders criticized the proposed rules.

Opinion | Mark Zuckerberg: The Internet needs new rules. Let’s start in these four areas. (Washington Post) We need a more active role for governments and regulators.

Mark Zuckerberg actually calls for regulation of content, elections, privacy (TechCrunch) It’s been a busy day for Facebook exec op-eds. Earlier this morning, Sheryl Sandberg broke the site’s silence around the Christchurch massacre, and now Mark Zuckerberg is calling on governments and other bodies to increase regulation around the sorts of data Facebook traffics in. He’s hoping …

Facebook Boss Calls for Internet Regulation (Infosecurity Magazine) Facebook Boss Calls for Internet Regulation. Zuckerberg pre-empts government intervention with his own suggestions

Privacy-Minded Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Stop NSA from Collecting Your Phone Records (Reason) The feds have allegedly abandoned the program. These four want to make sure it stays dead.

FBI, Retooling Once Again, Sets Sights on Expanding Cyber Threats (wall Street Journal) The FBI has launched its biggest transformation since the 2001 terror attacks to retrain and refocus special agents to combat cyber criminals, whose threats to lives, property and critical infrastructure have outstripped U.S. efforts to thwart them.

Army Takes a Broad View of Cybersecurity (SIGNAL Magazine) Building in security from the onset of capability development is a must if the Army is to successfully incorporate diverse innovative technologies into the force.

Litigation, Investigation, and Law Enforcement

Taxman kept quiet while £8bn fraud helped fund bin Laden (Times) Gangsters have stolen billions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money and used tens of millions to fund terrorism, according to police and intelligence files. A network of British Asians based in...

Judge Weighs Whether Advancing NSA Suit Will Harm National Security (Courthouse News) A federal judge signaled Friday that he may end more than a decade of litigation over the government's mass surveillance program because advancing the lawsuit could threaten national security.

Covert data-scraping on watch as EU DPA lays down “radical” GDPR red-line (TechCrunch) An interesting decision came out of Poland’s data protection agency this week after the watchdog issued its first fine under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). On the surface the enforcement doesn’t look so remarkable: A ‘small’ ~€220K fine was handed …

Decyzje- Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych. (UODO) ZSPR.421.3.2018. Na podstawie art. 104 § 1 ustawy z dnia 14 czerwca 1960 r. Kodeks postępowania administracyjnego (Dz. U. z 2018 r. poz. 2096, z późn. zm.) oraz art. 7 ust. 1 i 2, art. 60 i art. 101 ustawy z dnia 10 maja 2018 r. o ochronie danych osobowych...

Jeff Bezos’ security chief says the Saudi government spied on Bezos’ personal phone (Quartz) Gavin de Becker alleges the Saudi Arabia government surveilled Jeff Bezos' personal phone, tying it to the fight with the National Enquirer over racy photos of the Amazon CEO.

Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: Bezos investigator's accusations of Saudi hacking raise questions for government (Washington Post) There's a fuzzy line between where an individual's responsibility ends -- and the U.S. government's interest kicks in.

Opinion | How the mysteries of Khashoggi’s murder have rocked the U.S.-Saudi partnership (Washington Post) Riyadh’s lack of answers in the Post columnist’s killing puts a key partnership in limbo.

Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook is ‘exploring’ restrictions following Christchurch attacks (TechCrunch) In an open letter published by the New Zealand Herald, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg finally addressed the shocking mass shootings that left 50 dead at two Christchurch mosques. The first of part of the deadliest mass shooting in modern new Zealand history was live-streamed on Facebook by the attack…

Analysis | 5 takeaways from William Barr’s letter about releasing the Mueller report (Washington Post) Barr said in a letter Friday that the report would be delivered by mid-April — albeit with redactions for a number of reasons.

The Hidden Issue in Huawei’s Suit Against the United States (Just Security) Huawei v. U.S. is more than simply a publicity stunt or moral appeal by the company -- unfair legislative targeting is a claim that courts should take seriously.

Man gets 20 years for deadly “swatting” hoax (Ars Technica) Tyler Barriss has shown little remorse for the death of Andrew Finch.

Prankster sentenced to 20 years for fake 911 call that led police to kill an innocent man (Washington Post) Tyler Rai Barriss had called police with a false hostage report that led to the shooting death of Andrew Finch in 2017.

Man Behind Fatal ‘Swatting’ Gets 20 Years (KrebsOnSecurity) Tyler Barriss, a 26-year-old California man who admitted making a phony emergency call to police in late 2017 that led to the shooting death of an innocent Kansas resident, has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

Russian spy Maria Butina asks to be deported after sentencing (Washington Examiner) Russian agent Maria Butina waived her right to try to remain in the U.S. after she is sentenced next month, according to court documents.

A Mueller mystery: How Trump dodged a special counsel interview — and a subpoena fight (Washington Post) The president’s legal team conducted an extensive pressure campaign to keep him from coming face-to-face with federal investigators — fearful he would perjure himself.

While You Were Offline: The Internet Will Forever Fight Over the Mueller Report (WIRED) The report is done, but the debate rages on.

Security researcher pleads guilty to Nintendo and Microsoft hacks (TheINQUIRER) Game over,Controversy ,crime,Hacking,cybercrime

Judge Asked to Consider $60 Million Class-Action Lawsuit Over Casino Rama Cyber Attack ( Lawyers for Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario at a Superior COurt hearing on Thursday denied that as many as 200,000 people had been affected by a hacker who breached its servers in 2016 and stole sensitive customer information — they put the figure at 10,000 to 11,000, the Canadian Press reports.

Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Apple Accounts of NFL & NBA Players, Rappers (Dark Reading) Dozens of pro athletes and musicians fell for a phishing scam that pilfered their Apple accounts and credit cards.

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Newly Noted Events

Insider Threat Program Management With Legal Guidance Training Course (Washington, DC, USA, May 13 - 14, 2019) The Insider Threat Defense Group will hold our highly sought after Insider Threat Program (ITP) Management With Legal Guidance Training Course, in Washington, DC, on May 13-14, 2019. This comprehensive...

Insider Threat Program Management 360 Training Course (Washington, DC, USA, June 25 - 26, 2019) The Insider Threat Defense Group will hold our most advanced training for Insider Threat Program (ITP) Management. This comprehensive 2 day training course covers all the aspects of an ITP, from A-Z; ITP...

Upcoming Events

InfoSec World 2019 (Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA, April 1 - 3, 2019) Cybersecurity has come a long way in 25 years, and InfoSec World has been there through it all. That's right, InfoSec World 2019 Conference & Expo is returning to Disney's Contemporary Resort on April...

Dynamic Connection 2019 (Denver, Colorado, USA, April 2 - 4, 2019) Dynamic Connections 2019 will bring together over 1,000 attendees to learn, explore and create solutions needed today to help us thrive and operate successfully in the digital domain with confidence. Learn...

IP Expo Manchester (Manchester, England, UK, April 3 - 4, 2019) The event will showcase industry leaders and those at the forefront of technology, to encourage debate and inform attendees on the critical technological issues affecting modern business. IT and cyber...

QuBit Conference Prague 2019 (Prague, Czech Republic, April 9 - 11, 2019) Over the past 5 years, QuBit has grown to be a leading cyber security community event in CEE region. This year's highlights include: excellent speakers and educational sessions, popular networking events,...

Mississippi College Cybersecurity Summit (Clinton, MIssissippi, USA, April 10, 2019) The 2019 Mississippi College Cybersecurity Summit is a conference designed to engage, educate, and raise awareness about cybersecurity across the nation. It will provide valuable cybersecurity tools and...

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