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More signal, less noise—we distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a concise daily podcast. Building upon our popular Daily Briefing, our daily podcast includes interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world. We publish each weekday afternoon (in time for US East Coast drive-time.)

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Recent episodes

Episode 926

DC StingRays alleged to be Israeli devices. North Korea is slipping malware past defenses by putting it into old, obscure file formats. Ryuk ransomware...

Episode 925

Cobalt Dickens is back, and phishing in universities’ ponds. UNICEF scores a security own-goal. Patch Tuesday notes. A look at US election security offers...

Episode 924

John Bolton is out as US National Security Advisor. A new backdoor is attributed to Stealth Falcon. Wikipedia’s DDoS attack remains under investigation.

Episode 923

A big BEC extracts more than $37 million from a major automotive parts supplier. Wikipedia suffers a DDoS attack in Europe and the Middle East. NERC and...

Episode 922

Chinese intelligence and security services have been busy in cyberspace. A third-party customer leaks data it received from There’s a Joker...

Episode 921

A database scraped from Facebook in the bad old days before last year’s reforms holds informaiton about 419 million users. The ransomware threat to election...

Episode 920

A look at the ongoing ransomware epidemic, with some speculation about its connection to the criminal economy. Over-the-air provisioning might open Android...

Episode 919

A report on Stuxnet suggests there were at least five and probably six countries whose intelligence services cooperated in the disabling cyberattack against...

Episode 918

Google’s Project Zero releases information on a long-running watering-hole campaign against iPhone users. A dental record backup service is hit by ransomware,...

Episode 917

Senior US officials say the June 20th attacks on Iranian networks helped stop Tehran’s attacks on tankers in the Arabian Gulf. TrickBot seems to be going...

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