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More signal, less noise—we distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a concise daily podcast. Building upon our popular Daily Briefing, our daily podcast includes interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world. We publish each weekday afternoon (in time for US East Coast drive-time.)

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Recent episodes

Episode 985

Ocean Lotus puts down more roots in automobile manufacturing. Ransomware hits dentists’ IT providers as well as a Rhode Island town. The US is offering...

Episode 984

Facebook sues a company for ad fraud. Unix-based VPN traffic is vulnerable to tampering. Russian disinformation in Lithuania. Apple explains why new iPhones...

Episode 983

Data center operator CyrusOne sustains a ransomware attack. Another third-party breach involves a database inadvertently left exposed on an unprotected...

Episode 982

North Korea’s Lazarus Group may have been looking for Indian reactor design information. A possible case of Russian influence operations, served up by...

Episode 981

Someone believes, or would like others to believe, that Britain’s National Health Service is for sale to the US. There’s no word on whether the US has...

Episode 980

France might go on the offensive against ransomware attackers. The UK’s NCSC has been helping an unnamed nuclear power company recover from a cyberattack.

Episode 979

A Fullz House for Thanksgiving. Google finds that nation-state phishing continues at its customary high levels. DeathRansom, the low-end ransomware that...

Episode 978

Twitter and Facebook warn of potentially malicious software development kits being used by app developers to, potentially, harvest and monetize users’...

Episode 977

A defection and a leak expose Chinese espionage and social control operations. Data aggregation and enrichment seem to underlie a big inadvertent data...

Episode 976

Google researchers provide a Sandworm update. Internet sovereignty considered: an aid to law enforcement or a means of social control. LinkedIn reports...

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