8th Layer Insights 5.25.21
Ep 1 | 5.25.21

Unleashing Trojan Horses for the Mind

Show Notes

This episode explores the concept of “Trojan Horses for the Mind.” There are four Trojan Horses. They are: emotion, sound, visuals, and words/story. Using these Trojan Horses will help us increase the signal to noise ratio in our communications, bypass mental defenses, and embed messages within the minds of our audiences.

To explore the concepts related to this, Perry speaks with voice actor, writer, and producer, Rob McCollum; author, marketer, and storytelling expert Joe Lazauskas; and executive storyteller coach and trainer, Stephanie Paul.

Learn more about our guests here:

  • Rob McCollum - Voice actor, script writer, director, producer (LinkedIn). Rob's IMDB page.
  • Joe Lazauskas - Head of Marketing at Contently. Author of, The Storytelling Edge. (LinkedIn). Amazon affiliate link to book.
  • Stephanie Paul - Executive Storyteller, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer (LinkedIn). Stephanie's website.


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For more about the Trojan Horses for the Mind, check out Perry’s book, Transformational Security Awareness: What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, and Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviors.

Amazon affiliate links to books mentioned:

Music and Sound Effects by Blue Dot Sessions & Storyblocks.

Artwork by Chris Machowski.