8th Layer Insights 12.28.21
Ep 12 | 12.28.21

You're Listening to "The Dark Stream"

Show Notes

And now for something completely different. This episode is a show within a show.

Get ready to step into The Dark Stream: it's a parody of one of those old late night paranormal, conspiracy, or confession call-in radio shows from the 1980's and 90's. And, yes, it's over-the-top and cheesy.

In this episode, you'll hear some re-edited and never before aired sections from Perry's previous interviews with Rachel Tobac, Maxie Reynolds, and Chris Hadnagy.


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Additional voice talent provided by Rich Daigle (a.k.a. Mouth Almighty) and Sarah McQuiggan

Music and Sound Effects by Blue Dot SessionsEnvato Elements, & Storyblocks.

Artwork by Chris Machowski @ https://www.RansomWear.net/ and Mia Rune @ https://www.MiaRune.com.

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