8th Layer Insights 8.9.22
Ep 21 | 8.9.22

Cyber Mindfulness

Show Notes

You've probably been hearing the term 'mindfulness' a lot these days. And for good reason. We humans seem to be busier and more stressed out than ever before, and mindfulness practices seem to offer positive benefit. But how does mindfulness intersect with cybersecurity? What practices can we learn and promote to decrease human risk in our organizations and live safer digital lives?

In this episode, we explore the topic of cyber mindfulness. And to do so, we'll be hearing from Anna Collard, Michael Davis, and Yvonne and Jasmine Eskenzi.


  1. Anna Collard (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Company Site)
  2. Michael Davis (LinkedIn) (Company Site)
  3. Yvonne Eskenzi (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Company Site)
  4. Jasmine Eskenzi (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Company Site)

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