8th Layer Insights 1.24.23
Ep 30 | 1.24.23

Season 3 finale: What's the deal with Authentication, MFA, and Password Managers?

Show Notes

For the last episode of season 3, I thought we'd talk about something that's been in the news quite a lot recently: Authentication and Password Managers. As security professionals, we've decried the password for decades. Multifactor authentication (MFA) has started to gain popularity... but not without its own issues. Security leaders and tech teams may have once again hoped for a silver bullet, only to be disappointed to find out that crafty attackers can easily bypass MFA. We've also been touting the benefits of Password Managers for quite a while. After all, in a world where most of us have to manage upwards of 200 passwords in a year, who can keep up? No human can have great password hygiene across all those accounts. But password managers also face their own problems as illustrated by a recent high-profile incident.

Our guest today is Roger Grimes. He has a multi-decade cybersecurity career and is the author of 13 cybersecurity books, countless articles, and is a highly sought-after industry luminary. ... Oh -- and he has opinions. Listen in as Roger and I discuss the current state of authentication, MFA, password managers, and more.


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