8th Layer Insights 7.20.21
Ep 5 | 7.20.21

Going Meta: A Conversation and AMA with Bruce Schneier

Show Notes

In this episode, Perry Carpenter interviews cybersecurity guru Bruce Schneier. Perry and Bruce explore how cybersecurity is about so much more than technology — It’s about people, so we benefit by taking a multidisciplinary approach. 

In preparing for this interview, Perry solicited his LinkedIn network to see what questions people had for Bruce. This is a wide ranging conversation covering everything from Bruce’s thoughts on cybersecurity’s “first principles” to the impact that the pandemic had on society to need for regulation to help raise the overall standards for security and privacy.

Guest: Bruce Schneier (Bruce on Twitter)

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Music and Sound Effects by Blue Dot Sessions & Storyblocks.

Artwork by Chris Machowski.