8th Layer Insights 8.3.21
Ep 6 | 8.3.21

Embrace an Attacker Mindset to Improve Security

Show Notes

Have you ever taken time to view the world through the eyes of an attacker? Doing so is an interesting and useful exercise. Understanding the mind of an attacker is fundamental to securing your organization or aspects of your personal life. After all, if you aren't doing the job of viewing things from an attacker's perspective, that means that only the attackers are. The idea is to understand the mindset, motivations, and capabilities of a possible threat actor so that you aren’t simply oblivious to your vulnerabilities.

This episode is a deep dive into attacker mindsets, we’ll hear from four experts who really know what it is to view the world through the eyes of an attacker. Featuring Chris Kirsch (DEF CON Social Engineering CTF Black Badge winner and co-founder of Rumble, Inc.), David Kennedy (Founder of Binary Defense and TrustedSec), Maxie Reynolds (Author of The Art of Attack: Attacker Mindset for Security Professionals, and Technical Team Leader, Social-Engineer, LLC), and Ted Harrington (Author of Hackable: How to Do Application Security Right, and Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators).


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Artwork by Chris Machowski.