8th Layer Insights 9.14.21
Ep 9 | 9.14.21

Security ABCs Part 1: Make Awareness Transformational

Show Notes

This is the first of a two part series covering Cybersecurity’s ABCs: Security Awareness, Behavior, and Culture. We touched on facets of Awareness in Episode 1 and Behavior in Episode 3. These two episodes cover the cybersecurity ABCs in a very pragmatic way, with this episode covering Awareness and Behavior and Episode 10 providing a deep dive into Culture.

Guests for this episode include, Dr. Jessica Barker (co-CEO and Co-Founder, Socio-Technical Lead at Cygenta; author of Confident Cyber Security and co-author of Cybersecurity ABCs), Chrysa Freeman (Senior Program Manager for Security Awareness at Code42), Ian Murphy (Founder, CyberOff), and Lauren Zink (Senior Security Awareness Specialist at Boeing; author of LinkedIn Learning courses: Creating a Security Awareness Program and Building a Security Awareness Program: Phishing Simulations).


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Music and Sound Effects by Blue Dot SessionsEnvato Elements, & Storyblocks.

Artwork by Chris Machowski.