Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson 10.5.21
Ep 36 | 10.5.21

Addressing the Spread of Disinformation

Show Notes

Dr. Fiona Hill, former intelligence officer and one of the United States' most incomparable Russian experts, joins Ann Johnson in the Season 5 premiere episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Dr. Hill addresses disinformation, the connection to cybersecurity, and how adversaries are mastering technology to undermine U.S. interests at home and abroad. She also talks with Ann about the critical need to stay aware of our adversaries' scientific and technical capabilities, digital threats to women online, and the importance of including individuals with diverse perspectives and sensitivities to address cyber threats in the future. 

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • The importance of including individuals with diverse perspectives
  • What limits the United States' ability to understand and respond to global issues
  • The value and importance of a role model for young Americans

Some Questions We Ask: 

  • How do we stay aware of the scientific capabilities our adversaries are pursuing?   
  • What has to happen to ensure that digital threats to women do not control their social and educational engagement? 
  • Why can we only benefit from the younger generation believing in themselves?  


There Is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the Twenty-First Century 

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