Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson 12.14.21
Ep 41 | 12.14.21

The Next Cyber Defender

Show Notes

Jessica Gulick, Founder, and CEO of KATZCY, a woman-owned cyber consulting firm driven to help cybersecurity experts become great leaders, joins Ann Johnson on today's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Ann and Jessica discuss the evolution of cybersecurity gaming competitions, why these events are crucial to inspiring young people, and who she believes is the next generation of cyber defenders. As the founder and commissioner of US Cyber Games, an organization committed to informing and inspiring the broader community on ways to develop tomorrow's cybersecurity workforce, Jessica also shares how the cyber industry can help train and retain the next generation of cyber defenders. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:    

  • The evolution of cybersecurity gaming competitions   
  • Real time cyber skills training through eSports  
  • Why we need to attract more women to the tech industry 

Some Questions We Ask:    

  • How can tech companies help maintain the pipeline of future cyber security talent?    
  • What do you believe is the first step to alleviate the talent shortage?  
  • When will the next generation of defenders catch up to the sophistication of attackers? 


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