Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson 11.1.22
Ep 62 | 11.1.22

Protecting our Cyber Defenders’ Mental Health

Show Notes

Dr. Ryan Louie, a board-certified psychiatrist focusing on the mental health impact of cybersecurity, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. The two discuss the growing issue of mental illness among cybersecurity professionals, the link between psychiatry and security, some of the problems commonly seen, and which aspects of cybersecurity contribute to them.  

Disclaimer: The content and views expressed do not constitute medical advice and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you need help, please contact your medical provider. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:      

  • What may be contributing to the degrading mental health of cyber defenders 
  • How attackers might clinically exploit the mental health of those in cyber 
  • General wellbeing practices and coping methods 

Some Questions We Ask:     

  • When did Dr. Louie’s interest in the mental health of cyber security begin, and why? 
  • Are cyber mental challenges magnified or amplified more than in the past? 
  • What can leaders do to support the mental health and well-being of their teams? 



Article:  “The Psychiatry of Entrepreneurship” by Dr. Ryan Louie 

Dr. Ryan Louie - Psybersecurity Clinic website 

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