Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson 1.24.23
Ep 67 | 1.24.23

Storytelling and Cybersecurity Awareness

Show Notes

Tim Murck, actor, producer, and co-founder of Flavour, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Tim is a creative entrepreneur passionate about storytelling, gamification, and helping people turn themselves into problem solvers. Ann and Tim discuss the intersection of cyber awareness and storytelling, what led Tim to co-found Flavour and HackShield and why we need to look at cybersecurity as a team sport.  

In This Episode You Will Learn:      

  • Why future generations need to better understand cybersecurity 
  • How business leaders can better educate their employees with storytelling 
  • What the origin was for both HackShield and Flavour 

Some Questions We Ask:     

  • How can storytelling help the average person understand complex cybersecurity topics? 
  • What experiences and skills do kids learn as they play with HackShield? 
  • Should we change the language and methods of education used in the industry? 


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