Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson 1.9.24
Ep 88 | 1.9.24

Afternoon Cyber Tea x @CybersecurityGirl

Show Notes

Caitlin Sarian, known to many as Cybersecurity Girl, joins Ann on this week's episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea. Caitlin is a leading influencer with a cybersecurity-focused social presence, primarily on TikTok and Instagram, where she provides insights on data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity. Caitlin shares her journey into cybersecurity, starting from a background in aerospace mechanical engineering and transitioning to cybersecurity. She emphasizes breaking down complex cybersecurity concepts to make them accessible to a broader audience and the challenges of educating the public about the consequences of online activities. Caitlin offers practical tips for individuals starting their journey in cybersecurity awareness and advises people to take an inventory of their online accounts.    


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