Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 1.31.24
Ep 102 | 1.31.24

BIG NEWS! We’re Joining the CyberWire Network, Powered by N2K!

Show Notes

This week, we announce that the Cybersecurity Marketing Society’s Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing podcast is joining the CyberWire network, powered by N2K. Yes, you heard that right! In this episode, hosts Gianna and Maria are joined by Bennett Moe, Vice President of Content & Strategy at the CyberWire. The group discusses their excitement, the significance of the partnership, and its alignment with education and diversity in the cybersecurity community. Plus, they recap CyberMarketingCon 2023, talk about exciting upcoming announcements from both sides for 2024, and talk about Bennett Moe’s previous career as a cartographer. 

Below are some highlights from the conversation.

  • [01:53] - Expanding Audience and Cybersecurity Community
  • [06:30] Cyber Marketing Con 2023 Recap
  • [08:51] What makes CyberMarketingCon unique? Providing a safe space for collaboration and diversity
  • [11:43] Booths and Legos
  • [13:44] Plans for 2024

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