Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Cybersecurity marketer, we've got your back! Created by the Cybersecurity Marketing Society, the Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing podcast shares the stories, successes, and failures of marketers in this fast-paced and constantly changing industry. Listen to learn, laugh, and improve your cybersecurity marketing game! New episodes every Wednesday.


Recent Episodes

Ep 103 | 2.14.24

The Cyber Evangelist Turned Cyber Founder, with Benjamin Bohman.

This week Gianna and Maria are joined by Benjamin Bohman, CTO and Founder of Stratishield AI. Benjamin has a background that includes cybersecurity engineering and evangelism, emphasizing the importance of understanding business outcomes in cybersecurity. Benjamin and the hosts discuss public speaking, the rising adoption of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, his company Stratishield AI, and more!

Ep 102 | 2.7.24

What is a Phantom CISO? With Mishaal Khan.

Mishaal Khan, a serial entrepreneur, author, security expert, and VC shares his journey, from growing up around computers to becoming a cybersecurity expert and author of the book "The Phantom CISO." Listen to hear insights from the security practitioner’s point of view on marketing, brand-building, and book-publishing!

Ep 101 | 1.31.24

BIG NEWS! We’re Joining the CyberWire Network, Powered by N2K!

This week, we announce that the Cybersecurity Marketing Society’s Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing podcast is joining the CyberWire network, powered by N2K. Yes, you heard that right! In this episode, hosts Gianna and Maria are joined by Bennett Moe, Vice President of Content & Strategy at the CyberWire. The group discusses their excitement, the significance of the partnership, and its alignment with education and diversity in the cybersecurity community. Plus, they recap CyberMarketingCon 2023, talk about exciting upcoming announcements from both sides for 2024, and talk about Bennett Moe’s previous career as a cartographer.

Ep 100 | 1.17.24

Exploring Roles from the Trenches to Leadership with Corin Imai

In this episode, Cybersecurity Marketing Leader and Former Security Researcher, Corin Imai, joins Maria and Gianna to discuss the individual contributor vs. head of marketing and influencer marketing relationships. Corin has been both head of marketi...

Ep 99 | 1.10.24

How to Make a Viral Meme for Cybersecurity with Dean Pe’er

In this episode, Dean Pe'er, Head of Product Marketing at Entitle, joins Maria and Gianna to discuss his viral meme. Several months ago, Dean posted a meme on LinkedIn about admin privileges, which promptly went viral. Within four days of the meme be...

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Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing
Gianna Whitver
Maria Velasquez
Gianna Whitver is Co-Founder and CEO of the Cybersecurity Marketing Society and Co-Host of the BreakingThrough in Cybersecurity Marketing Podcast.

Gianna advises on marketing & GTM for cybersecurity and technology companies. She speaks publicly on marketing and entrepreneurial topics, having presented at RSA Conference 365, (ISC)2, InfoSec World, and others. Previously, she worked in marketing and operations at cybersecurity, tech, and commercial RE companies.
Maria Velasquez is Co-Founder of the Cybersecurity Marketing Society and Co-Host of the Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing Podcast. On a mission to change the way cyber marketing is done, she is focused on truly being embedded within the security community.

She is also NetSPI's Director of Demand Generation, spearheading growth for their pentesting-as-a-service. Maria previously worked at Owl Cyber Defense, Kasada, Unibuddy, and Feroot.
Schedule: Weekly Wednesdays at 3am ET
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