Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

Cybersecurity marketer, we've got your back! Created by the Cybersecurity Marketing Society, the Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing podcast shares the stories, successes, and failures of marketers in this fast-paced and constantly changing industry. Listen to learn, laugh, and improve your cybersecurity marketing game! New episodes every Wednesday.


Recent Episodes

Ep 121 | 6.12.24 Unplugged with CEO and Founder Kunal Agarwal

He’s fashionable, creative, and the dopest CEO/founder…he’s Kunal Agarwal of, the Fly Direct Secure Web Gateway! The hosts and Kunal unpack his unique journey and unique approach to GTM - from his time at Symantec and Forcepoint, to the inspiration behind the fashion-forward branding of, to the importance of design and user experience in cybersecurity products. The chat also goes into some seriously cool marketing strategies, the magic of organic growth, and why Kunal's team prefers keeping things flat and friendly. If you're looking for ways to be dope in cybersecurity, well then this episode is made for you!

Ep 120 | 6.5.24

The Keys to Successful Cybersecurity Products with Nicholas Muy and guest co-host Ross Haleliuk

As the podcast that keeps things fresh, this week our co-hosts Gianna Whitver and Maria Velasquez are handing over the reins to a guest host who is quite well-known: the author of the viral cyber bestseller Cyber for Builders, Ross Haleliuk! Ross is joined by the Chief Security Officer (CSO/CISO) at Scrut Automation, Nicholas Muy. Together they explore the intricacies of building cybersecurity products that truly matter. The episode dives into the challenges and strategies of product development in the cybersecurity industry, emphasizing the importance of genuine user feedback, real-world experience, and building trust within the community.

Ep 119 | 5.29.24

Beekeeper Meets Codekeeper with Cody Browning

Today we are Buzzzzzzing Through in Cybersecurity Marketing, bringing you not just the buzz on cybersecurity but literal buzzing too! Meet Cody Browning, a Territory Account Executive at LogRhythm and an avid beekeeper. Cody shares how his peaceful pastime of beekeeping intersects with the high-stakes world of cybersecurity, drawing unexpected parallels between the two, inspired by none other than Jason Statham in ‘The Beekeeper’. 😉 Join us as we dive into a conversation that’s as intriguing as it is sweet as honey!

Ep 118 | 5.22.24

Inside RSA Conference 2024 with Gianna & Maria

Join us for an live-recorded episode from RSA Conference 2024, where our hosts Gianna and Maria broadcasted directly from Moscone North in San Francisco. Our dynamic duo shares thrilling experiences, spotlights groundbreaking booths, and delivers fresh updates straight from the conference floor. They also unpack major announcements from NetSPI and celebrate the spirited community of cybersecurity marketers. Tune in for an episode packed with energy, innovation, and insider insights!

Ep 117 | 5.15.24

Creating New Cyber Categories with CMO Michael Yehoshua

From the worlds of fashion photography to heavy metal to cybersecurity today, we sit down with Michael Yehoshua, CMO at Holistic Cyber and SAGE Cyber. Michael not only shares his transition into cyber, but also explains how he created his own playground by establishing a new category within Gartner—proving that the only deep pockets you need are those filled with creativity and grit. Buckle up for an inspiring journey through marketing tactics and the power of thinking outside the box.

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Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing
Gianna Whitver
Maria Velasquez
Gianna Whitver is Co-Founder and CEO of the Cybersecurity Marketing Society and Co-Host of the BreakingThrough in Cybersecurity Marketing Podcast.

Gianna advises on marketing & GTM for cybersecurity and technology companies. She speaks publicly on marketing and entrepreneurial topics, having presented at RSA Conference 365, (ISC)2, InfoSec World, and others. Previously, she worked in marketing and operations at cybersecurity, tech, and commercial RE companies.
Maria Velasquez is Co-Founder of the Cybersecurity Marketing Society and Co-Host of the Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing Podcast. On a mission to change the way cyber marketing is done, she is focused on truly being embedded within the security community.

She is also NetSPI's Director of Demand Generation, spearheading growth for their pentesting-as-a-service. Maria previously worked at Owl Cyber Defense, Kasada, Unibuddy, and Feroot.
Schedule: Weekly Wednesdays at 3am ET
Credits: Thanks to our editors, producers, and all-hands team: Jen VanAntwerp, Busiswa Mahonono, and Nicole Lacanilao.
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