Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 2.14.24
Ep 104 | 2.14.24

The Cyber Evangelist Turned Cyber Founder, with Benjamin Bohman.

Show Notes

This week Gianna and Maria are joined by Benjamin Bohman, CTO and Founder of Stratishield AI. Benjamin has a background that includes cybersecurity engineering and evangelism, emphasizing the importance of understanding business outcomes in cybersecurity. Benjamin and the hosts discuss public speaking, the rising adoption of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, his company Stratishield AI, and more!

Episode highlights:

  • [1:28] Benjamin shares Stratishield AI, a consulting firm he founded that demystifies AI for cybersecurity and business enhancement.
  • [7:30] Be a business expert, not a technology expert! Why this is important when selling to IT & security.
  • [9:42] Benjamin shares insights on reaching potential clients by understanding their needs, utilizing predictive analytics, and addressing relevant cybersecurity concerns.
  • [13:47] Maria highlights the challenge many practitioners face in wanting to share their expertise in cybersecurity but feeling unsure how to do so effectively.
  • [18:30] Benjamin talks about why there is a need for technical professionals to learn to communicate effectively with non-technical audiences. He also shares some personal experiences of his public speaking and tips on how to overcome nervousness.
  • [29:30] Meet Atlas, an AI bot Benjamin has been developing to provide interactive product tours while increasing user engagement. You can learn more about Atlas here.

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