Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 2.28.24
Ep 106 | 2.28.24

How to Build Community Around Phishing with Dennis Legori.

Show Notes

Nearly 1.2% of all emails sent are malicious, which translates to 3.4 billion phishing emails daily. For every 4,200 emails sent, 1 would be a phishing scam. Dennis Legori, the Associate Director of Security Awareness and Digital Communications at Carrier, is working to make malicious phishing campaigns less effective! Dennis shares his insights into his role, which involves developing security awareness programs and managing cybersecurity-related digital communications. He explains how he transitioned into security awareness when initially he was focused on project management. Legori also does a deep dive into how he was able to build a community during phishing simulations and security awareness training.

Today’s Episode Highlights:

  • [01:21] Role of Associate Director of Security Awareness and Digital Communications. 
  • [06:55] Building a Security Awareness Program from Scratch.
  • [07:28] Collaboration with Marketing and Internal Communications.  
  • [08:41] Phishing Awareness Campaign and Enterprise Defenders. 
  • [12:42] Crowdsourcing Cybersecurity. 
  • [14:53] Tools and Teams for Managing Phishing Awareness Program. 
  • [19:00] Considerations for Cultural Differences.  
  • [21:50] How to Create an Engaging and Fun Program.
  • [27:10] Tools to Use for Phishing. 

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