Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 3.6.24
Ep 107 | 3.6.24

Lemons into Lemonade: Life After Layoff with Jennifer Leggio.

Show Notes

Just like Beyoncé transformed adversity into triumph with her iconic album, Lemonade, our guest this week masterfully turns lemons into the sweetest lemonade. In an economy where the mere thought of a layoff can be scary, thinking about the next steps can be daunting. Yet, Jennifer Leggio returns with unwavering resolve, not only to offer fearless guidance on navigating tough times but also to demonstrate how she's living the very principles she championed at CyberMarketingCon2023. Join us as Jennifer shares her journey from navigating a layoff to launching her startup, embodying effective leadership, and embracing her unique, leather-clad style.

Episode highlights:

  • [00:01- 01:50] Jennifer's Layoff Journey and the Power of Resilience
  • Jennifer talks about how she felt when she first lost her job and how she used her contacts to find new opportunities.
  • [01:50 - 03:22] Jennifer’s Keynote from CyberMarketingCon2023
  • Reflections on Jennifer's Cyber MarketingCon2023 keynote, where she discussed the potential for marketers to move up to executive roles while also challenging conventional career trajectories.
  • [03:22 - 05:08] A New Chapter 
  • Introduction to Moveable Feast, Jennifer’s new company 
  • [10:10 - 12:27] The Keys of Effective Leadership
  • A deep dive into the importance of empathy in leadership and the need for leaders to genuinely understand and support their team members on a personal and professional level.
  • [19:15 - 21:48] Authenticity in Style and SubstanceJennifer discusses the significance of personal style and branding, advocating for authenticity and the courage to express your true self both personally and professionally. 

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