Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 3.13.24
Ep 108 | 3.13.24

The Journey of 'Cyber for Builders' with Ross Haleliuk.

Show Notes

The author of the viral cyber bestseller Cyber for Builders joins us today! If you ever wanted to write a book, but couldn’t overcome time constraints, procrastination, or even resources, then this episode is tailor-made just for you. Meet Ross Haleliuk, Best Selling Author of Cyber for Builders, Head of Product at LimaCharlie, and Angel/Syndicate Co-Lead plus Blogger at Venture in Security. Ross started to write Cyber for Builders during the weekend and in his free time, inspired by a big gap he noticed in cybersecurity business advice. His story on today’s episode and the book itself aren't just a reflection of the challenges of starting a cybersecurity business, but also how writing can fill gaps and share crucial insights with others.

Key Episode Highlights:

  • [01:26] Ross Haleliuk’s Journey and inspiration for Writing his Book: 
  • Ross highlights the lack of resources on the business aspects of cybersecurity and his desire to fill this gap by providing a comprehensive guide to navigating the cybersecurity industry's complexities.
  • [03:38] Challenges Faced by Cybersecurity Founders and Some Advice:
  • Advice for cybersecurity founders and marketers and the importance of understanding the business side, including fundraising, go-to-market strategies, and customer focus, beyond just product development.
  • [06:04] The Importance of Collaboration and Building a Team: 
  • “It's quite rare to see a solo founder succeed,”
  • Ross advises against going solo and shares the challenges/pressures faced by solo founders in the industry. He also shares the benefits of having a partner when you are starting a new company. 

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  • [08:40] Taking a First Principles Approach to Marketing: 
  • This approach emphasizes starting from the basics: understanding customer needs, behaviors, and preferences to guide marketing and positioning of security solutions.
  • [15:03] Ross's Book Writing Process and Advice for Aspiring Authors:
  • Ross shares how he used his blog posts and dedicated 8 to 12 hours each weekend to write. He advises future writers to grow their audience by regularly blogging, being active on social media, and speaking in public.

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