Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 4.17.24
Ep 113 | 4.17.24

Building Island’s Brand with Ari Yablok

Show Notes

What if there was a browser designed as an enterprise workspace from the outset? Imagine integrating all essential tools—spanning security, IT, and productivity—directly into the workspace where people operate. That is exactly what Island does, and when the brand came out of stealth in February 2022 with $100 million in funding, it launched with a new category and a splash (no pun intended)!

Today the Head of Brand at Island, Ari Yablok, joins us to talk more about Island, the intricacies of building a brand from the ground up, the strategic pivot from stealth mode to the public eye, and the art of storytelling in the cybersecurity landscape.

The best way to understand Island's impact is to see how simple yet profound changes in perspective, like the shift from seeing cybersecurity as a series of threats to viewing it as a secured environment, can fundamentally change the game." - Ari Yablok 

Episode Highlights:

  • [02:00] - Ari Yablok's Journey to Island:
  • [07:47] - Unpacking the Island Brand: Ari discusses the challenges and strategies behind launching Island's brand, emphasizing the importance of category creation and the deliberate avoidance of typical cybersecurity jargon to differentiate Island in the market.
  • [09:16] - The Launch Strategy: Detailing the preparation and execution of Island's exit from stealth mode, Ari outlines the foundational work that made their launch resonate with the cybersecurity community and the broader market.
  • [20:00] - Building Trust Through Branding: The conversation delves into the role of brand in building trust, especially in a new category, and how Island's approach to branding and customer experience sets them apart from traditional cybersecurity solutions.

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