Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 5.8.24
Ep 116 | 5.8.24

Mastering Marketing Mayhem with Pam Cobb

Show Notes

This week, get ready to laugh until it hurts because we might just have our funniest episode ever. Earthquakes and spreadsheets are the names of the game as we welcome Pam Cobb, the hilariously jet-lagged (for this episode, not permanently, folks!) Director of Content Security at Akamai. Join hosts Gianna and Maria as they dive into how Pam not only survives natural disasters but also thrives amid the chaos of cybersecurity marketing. From smart marketing tactics to hilarious earthquake jokes, Pam keeps the tips and laughter rolling. Don’t miss out on this episode’s mix of awesome advice and entertaining stories from the wild world of marketing!


  • [01:08] Pam's role at Akamai explained
  • [02:05] How Pam attributes revenue to security content
  • [03:36] The humor in marketing data struggles
  • [07:20] Pam's journey from engineering to marketing
  • [09:29] Transition to IBM and experiencing corporate acquisitions
  • [13:36] Creative content strategies and memorable marketing moments


  • Content plays a crucial role in driving revenue and should be strategically managed.
  • Multi-touch attribution is a valuable tool for measuring the impact of content on revenue.
  • Creating engaging experiences at trade shows and events requires thoughtful planning and alignment with brand messaging.
  • Collaboration between different teams, such as content strategists and writers, is essential for successful content creation. Event planning is an important aspect of cybersecurity marketing, and creative ideas such as custom-named cocktails can make an event more memorable.


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