Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 5.15.24
Ep 117 | 5.15.24

Creating New Cyber Categories with CMO Michael Yehoshua

Show Notes

From the worlds of fashion photography to heavy metal to cybersecurity today, we sit down with Michael Yehoshua, CMO at Holistic Cyber and SAGE Cyber. Michael not only shares his transition into cyber, but also explains how he created his own playground by establishing a new category within Gartner—proving that the only deep pockets you need are those filled with creativity and grit. Buckle up for an inspiring journey through marketing tactics and the power of thinking outside the box. 

  • [00:02:15] Journey into Cybersecurity: Michael shares his unique path from the world of fashion to cybersecurity.
  • [00:10:00] Strategic Leadership: Insights into managing dual roles as CMO for two distinct companies.
  • [00:18:45] Innovative Market Creation: Discussing the creation of the Cyber Defense Planning and Optimization (CDPO) category.
  • [00:27:30] Marketing Strategies and Insights: Differences in marketing strategies between services and products.
  • [00:35:20] Creative Marketing Successes: Examples of unconventional marketing tactics that have propelled company growth.


2024 Cybersecurity Buyers Report: Compiled by Actual Tech Media and the Cybersecurity Marketing Society, providing deep insights into buyer preferences and behaviors within the cybersecurity market. 

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