Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 6.19.24
Ep 122 | 6.19.24

From Biggie vs. Tupac to Cybersecurity GTM Strategies: A Chat with Lord Ian L. Patterson

Show Notes

How many people can say they were joined by a Lord on their podcast? We certainly can! This week, we are joined by Lord Ian L. Patterson, CEO of Plurilock, a global cyber solutions provider and maker of Plurilock AI, a leading platform for SSO, CASB, DLP, AI identity + AI safety. During our discussion, Ian shares how Canadian holidays often turn into "inbox zero days" because of the lack of incoming emails from their American counterparts. And the hosts and Ian talk about a debate as old as time? East Coast vs. West Coast! Ian absolutely refused to pick between Biggie and Tupac but he did offer valuable insights on the difference in go-to-market strategies and cultural nuances between the coasts. 

Enjoy this episode to find out how Ian became a lord (it's a beautiful story)!๐Ÿ˜‰

  • [04:00] - Ian talks about email volumes and meeting habits, comparing Canadian and American practices.
  • [06:00] - Overview of Plurilock's services and history.
  • [09:00] - Discussion on the industries Plurilock typically works with, including U.S. and Canadian federal governments.
  • [13:00] - Ian shares insights on the differences in go-to-market strategies across various regions.
  • [15:00] - East Coast vs. West Coast approaches in sales and marketing.
  • [25:00] - Impact of COVID-19 on the public listing timeline.

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