Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing 7.3.24
Ep 124 | 7.3.24

Double Trouble: Two Tims Tackle Cyber Marketing Challenges

Show Notes

A pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a pair of socks—catching our drift? The best things come in pairs, and today, we have two Tims! Tim Golden, Chief Executive Officer/Founder of Compliance Scorecard & Tim Schnurr, Security Awareness Coach / VCISO at Inquisitive IT. Today’s episode is truly a cyber marketer's (and cyber partner marketer’s!) treasure chest as we talk about the difficulties of selling cybersecurity solutions through Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the misconceptions vendors face in this space, and the Tims also share insights on enablement and empowerment strategies for MSPs. 

  • [6:15 ] - Compliance Scorecard Overview
  • Tim Golden describes Compliance Scorecard and its role in helping MSPs with risk conversations and compliance.
  • [8:00] - Cybersecurity in Regulated Industries
  • The impact of cyber liability insurance on compliance and cybersecurity and introducing "Cliff" - Cyber Liability Insurance Framework.
  • [10:00] - Selling Strategies and Go-To-Market Approaches
  • Tim Schnurr on targeting baby boomers and retirees for cybersecurity services.
  • [12:30] - Teaching and Empowering MSPs
  • Tim Golden talks about educating MSPs on packaging, pricing, and selling compliance services.
  • [16:45] - Challenges and Misconceptions in the Channel
  • Misconceptions enterprise cybersecurity vendors have when entering the MSP space.
  • [21:00] - Effective Enablement and Empowerment
  • Examples of successful enablement and empowerment in the channel and the importance of building community and providing hands-on support to MSPs.
  • [25:00] - Blue Ocean Strategy and Ecosystem Building
  • Creating an ecosystem of vendors that meet the needs of MSPs and end customers.

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