Career Notes 9.4.22
Ep 115 | 9.4.22

Anjali Hansen: Cross team collaboration works best. [Privacy Counsel]

Show Notes

Anjali Hansen, a Senior Privacy Counselor from Noname Security shares her story as she climbed through the ranks to get to where she is today. When Anjali started, she wanted to do international law. She started working for the International Trade Commission after law school, where she was able to gain most of her experience and real world abilities. Working with online fraud and abuse, she shares, concerned her, because it felt like governments could not protect organizations from threats occurring, which is how she got interested in cybercrime. From there, she moved to Noname Security, and in working there, she found that she is working with every group in the organization, creating a cross team collaboration, saying how much she admires that type of model. She says "We have to help other departments protect the data because the data's throughout an organization, it's in HR, it's in sales and marketing, it's in IT, it's in finance. So you have to be able to work with all these teams." We thank Anjali for sharing her story.