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Career Notes

Step inside the diverse and fascinating worlds of cybersecurity professionals around the globe and hear their personal stories in their own words.
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Ep 82 | 1.9.22

Julian Waits: Find a way to help society. [Serial Entrepreneur]

Senior Vice President and Executive in Residence with Rapid7 and Chairman for Cyversity, Julian Waits, grew up in the era of the Justice League and Superman and it shaped his career. Julian always wanted to do something where he could find a way to help society to basically help others. Starting out as a Baptist minister with aspirations of being a professional musician, Julian found it more practical to take some technology classes and practice his saxophone when he had time. His first tech job was at Texaco where he worked on early networks and moved into systems engineering at Compaq. Julian notes his ADD made coding less attractive than talking with others to solve problems and Compaq provided him with opportunities to pivot. Searching out diversity, Julian moved to DC, and had his first taste of startups. He now describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. We thank Julian for sharing his story with us.

Ep 81 | 1.2.22

Dr. Rois Ni Thuama: Get into the game. [Cyber governance]

Head of Cyber Governance with Red Sift, Dr. Rois Ni Thuama shares the circuitous route of her career into cyber governance. She notes the route "looks really clean, but actually it was a bit more Jeremy Bearimy." While at Trinity College, Rois was moved to be part of history unfolding in South Africa and pause her studies. While there, she began making music videos and wildlife documentaries. Upon her return to London, Rois started working in corporate governance and risk at a music technology startup. This ignited her enthusiasm for startups. She now works in a company with several coworkers from that tech startup doing cyber governance. Rois advises law students of many ways into the industry including doing coding, learning risk management, and understanding privacy legislation, and then "just get into the game." We thank Rois for sharing her story.

Ep 80 | 12.19.21

Ed Amoroso: Security shouldn't be the main dish. [Computer Science]

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of TAG Cyber, Ed Amoroso, shares how he learned on the job and grew his career. In his words, Ed "went from my dad having an ARPANET connection and I'm learning Pascal, to Bell Labs, to CISO, to business, to quitting, to starting something new. And now I'm riding a new exponential up and it's a hell of a ride." Hear from Ed how he sees security as a side dish that you'll progress into naturally once you've paid your dues and mastered a skill like networking, software or databases. We thank Ed for sharing his story with us.

Ep 79 | 12.12.21

Hannah Kenney: Focused on people. [Risk]

Manager in BARR Advisory's Cyber Risk Advisory Practice, Hannah Kenney, shares her journey from never considering technology as a career to having it click in an informations systems class in college. After noticing she was the only one in the room who enjoyed the lecture, Hannah knew she wanted to go down the technology route. In talking about her work, Hannah describes it as creative problem solving. She hopes "people see me as someone who viewed cybersecurity and risk as something that is focused on people first and foremost." We thank Hannah for sharing her story with us.

Ep 78 | 12.5.21

Ryan Kovar: Everyday, assume compromise. [Strategy]

Distinguished Security Strategist at Splunk, Ryan Kovar, shares his journey that started in the US Navy and how it contributed to his leadership in life after the military. Cutting his teeth as sysadmin on the USS Kitty Hawk, Ryan worked as a contractor following the Navy. At Splunk, he leads the SURGe research team to solve what he calls the "blue collar for the blue team problems". He works hard on incorporating diversity of thought. Ryan notes, "I've been doing cybersecurity or IT now for over 20 years and of that 20 years of knowledge, only about five years of that knowledge is really relevant. You can't sit on your laurels in this industry." We thank Ryan for sharing his story with us.

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