Career Notes 9.25.22
Ep 118 | 9.25.22

Adam Marrè: Learning to be a leader. [CISO]

Show Notes

Adam Marrè, CISO from Arctic Wolf, sits down to share his story of rising through the ranks. After 9/11 he decided he wanted to make a difference in the world, and so he chose to go into the FBI. There he learned the skills that got him to where he is today. In his time at the FBI, he was able to do what he loved, which was working with computers while gaining more knowledge on cybersecurity, and he became computer forensic certified. Ultimately, he needed a change in the end and decided to leave the FBI. He was able to learn the leadership skills he needed to move past that career path and follow a new dream. He is now able to share his passion with the world and help people understand security to help protect themselves as well as helping people finding success in their careers and in their lives. We thank Adam for sharing his story.