Career Notes 10.23.22
Ep 122 | 10.23.22

Megan Doherty: Conquer barriers in the workforce. [Technical Specialist]

Show Notes

Megan Doherty, a Technical Specialist from Microsoft Canada sits down to share her story of overcoming barriers in the workforce to get to where she is today in her career. Megan started out being a mechanical engineer before making the switch to do something with more creativity and problem solving. She shares about her passion of working with a group Microsoft created called "DigiGirlz." As well as just being able to work with her team who she says helps her face the world of adversity in her career. Megan said "There's so many barriers, just even mentally that we put on ourselves when it comes to looking for a career change or even thinking of cybersecurity as your next career path." She hopes that she leaves a legacy of kindness and compassion behind especially in the industry she is works in. We thank Megan for sharing her story with us.