Career Notes 11.6.22
Ep 124 | 11.6.22

Gary Brickhouse: Riding the wave of growth. [CISO]

Show Notes

Gary Brickhouse, CISO from GuidePoint Security, sits down to share his story, looking back over the last 25 years of his career working for Fortune 100 companies, including Disney. He shares that every role he has had, he’s had to grow into and how each one was a pivotal point in his technical career. Gary ended up transitioning to a different organization and says how it was really compliance that was the transitional sort of moment for him as he grew into different roles. He says, “What I found was sort of just, riding the wave of growth and opportunity and trying to take advantage of it along the way." He shares some advice for new people entering the industry, saying that he wants to help shatter the myth that you have to be technical to get into this field. We thank Gary for sharing his story.