Career Notes 11.20.22
Ep 126 | 11.20.22

Omer Singer: The offense and the defense of cybersecurity. [Strategy]

Show Notes

Omer Singer, Lead Cybersecurity Strategist from Snowflake, sits down to share his experience getting into the cybersecurity field. Growing up, he knew he wanted to work with computers, but he just didn't know what he wanted to do within the field. His college gave him great hands-on experience to then transition into the workforce. He's played both on the offense and defense of cybersecurity, and he says that experience showed him and he "kind of saw firsthand, uh, what a well funded and motivated, uh, team of cybersecurity experts can do and it's pretty scary." In addition, Omer is a big advocate for encouraging other security professionals to learn data skills, and strongly stands by the belief that the future of cybersecurity is in borrowing from modern data analytics tools and techniques that enable consistent risk reduction. He also makes it a priority to invest in his people, believing that this unlocks intrinsic motivation that enables a ton of personal growth and accomplishment, and is a big believer in the OKR system for enabling security operations and avoiding burnout. We thank Omer for sharing his story.