Career Notes 11.27.22
Ep 127 | 11.27.22

Laura Whitt-Winyard: Securing the world. [CISO]

Show Notes

Laura Whitt-Winyard, CISO from Malwarebytes, sits down to share her story, beginning with a desire to be a pediatric oncologist that she later discovered was not the path for her. Laura was bouncing around from job to job until she bought her first computer, and a light bulb went off in her head. She set out to make it her goal to learn about this new, interesting field and grow within it. Now as a successful CISO, she wants to make the world more secure and goes from company to company to complete her goal. She considers herself a servant leader whose goal is the greater good. She compares her role to football, explaining that she is not the quarterback, but the center for the team. She believes she is the center that paves the path for the quarterbacks on her team to reduce the noise, to give the quarterback all the tools that they need to do their jobs and do their jobs well. We thank Laura for sharing her story.