Career Notes 12.11.22
Ep 129 | 12.11.22

Jameeka Aaron: Sometimes you just have to follow two paths. [CISO]

Show Notes

Jameeka Aaron, Chief Information Security Officer at Auth0, a product unit of Okta, sits down to share her story following two different paths that led her to where she is today. Jameeka has 20 years of IT and cybersecurity experience and has mitigated security risks at Nike, the U.S. Navy, and now Auth0. She joined the Navy not knowing what she wanted to do after high school and ended up becoming a Radioman, which is now titled IT. She shares her experiences of challenges she faced being the youngest, and the only woman, and the only woman of color in her group. She followed two different paths, getting an education as well as being in the Navy, and started her career at Lockheed Martin Mission Systems in San Diego. She eventually found her way to Auth0 in 2018. She says "I realized cybersecurity folks can do anything, everywhere. We're everywhere, we're in every industry and so I started to kind of say, I wanna work on programs that are fun for me." We thank Jameeka for sharing her story.