Career Notes 2.19.23
Ep 137 | 2.19.23

Rachel Tobac: Find a way to laugh. [CEO]

Show Notes

Rachel Tobac, CEO from SocialProof Security sits down to share her amazing story on becoming what's known in the industry as an ethical hacker and CEO of a company. Rachel shares how she was always fascinated with spy movies and as she grew older that fascination turned into a real desire. Finding out she liked learning how the human brain works, she decided to start off in neuroscience. Wanting a change and with the help of her husband she was able to start getting more into hacking, finding she loved the fact that she was pretending to be someone to hack into a company and finding the weak spots. She shares how as a leader now she likes to be authentic with her team. She says "I think in the security world sometimes we take ourselves pretty seriously and a lot of times it's because we're dealing with really serious topics, and so in the moment we have to be extremely serious, but when you get a five minute break in between your crisis meetings, find a way to laugh if you can." We thank Rachel for sharing her story with us.