Career Notes 4.2.23
Ep 143 | 4.2.23

Alon Jackson: Sometimes you feel like an octopus. [CEO]

Show Notes

Alon Jackson, chief executive and Co-founder of Astrix Security, sits down to share his story to rising success. Before being on the vendor side of things, Jackson served in various strategic roles in the Cyber Security Division of the Israeli Military Intel Unit 8200 for more than 8 years, including leading the Cloud Security division and serving as the Head of the Cyber Security R&D Department. His experience in the military inspired him to learn more about the industry and jump to the private sector. Fast forward years later, he co-founded his company to help address security gaps seen in the industry. He mentions how being a start up CEO can be difficult sometimes, and how it may feel as though you're an octopus with all the multitasking that comes with the job. Alon says that one of his main goals as a contributor in this industry is making sure people remember him and his company for years to come, saying he wants to help by " building a company that people kind of know about, remember, and is important in the world." We thank Alon for sharing his story with us.