Career Notes 4.9.23
Ep 144 | 4.9.23

Karen Worstell: Keep your feet planted. [Strategy]

Show Notes

Karen Worstell, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist from VMware, sits down to share her journey and discuss her experience as a woman in cyber. Starting her career off as a chemist, she graduated with bachelor's degrees in chemistry and molecular biology. She then took some time off to be with her family and came back to a science field that was far more advanced than before she had left. She decided to go in another direction, which led her to cyber. She started teaching herself programming and found she was very good at it. Now that she works in cyber, she says "You, you have to know yourself, know what you want, and know where you're, know where you plant your feet. I used to use a phrase a lot that said, uh, don't be afraid to take a stand but know where your feet are planted." We thank Karen for sharing her story with us.