Career Notes 4.23.23
Ep 146 | 4.23.23

Maria Varmazis: Combining cyber and space. [Space]

Show Notes

Maria Varmazis, N2K's Space Correspondent and host of N2K's newest podcast T-Minus, sits down to share her journey on combining her two passions of space and cyber. Maria grew up wanting to be an astronomer, in school she focused on joining anything with technology and enjoyed the classes that made her think. After transferring to a new college, she went into journalism, absolutely falling in love with the new career path she had made for herself. She got herself a job at Sophos and that's where she learned about cybersecurity. Now she discusses cyber and space in her new podcast, combining her two passions into one for all to understand. Maria discusses some of the setbacks she overcame in this industry and shares the wise advice of "I would never pretend that failure isn't painful, but it is an incredible teaching tool. So if you feel like you've had a huge career fail or a really big misstep, you can still pivot from that and you can make that into something." We thank Maria for sharing her story with us.