Career Notes 6.11.23
Ep 153 | 6.11.23

Nadir Izrael: Play to your strengths. [CTO]

Show Notes

Nadir Izrael, co-founder and CTO from Armis, sits down to share his story. Nadir started his love of cyber when he became a software developer at the age of 12. He always had a passion for making things work better and asking questions. Once he joined the 8200 unit in Israel, he was able to focus his interests on physics, which led him to making the discovery of wanting to start his own business. After he started building his company is when he learned to take smart and innovative risks at work and making it a way of life. Nadir shares advice, saying "Playing to your strengths, maximizes the odds of success and every other consideration lowers them inevitably, or at least, uh, um, kind of shrinks, I guess the, the probability space for success." He thinks playing to ones strengths is the best a leader can do to create the most success for their team. We thank Nadir for sharing his story with us.