Career Notes 6.18.23
Ep 154 | 6.18.23

Lorna Mahlock: Build bridges. [Combat support]

Show Notes

Major General Lorna Mahlock, Deputy Director for Combat Support from the National Security Agency (NSA) sits down with Dave to discuss her long and impressive career leading up to her working for one of the most prestigious security agencies. Originally born in Kingston, Jamaica, Lorna immigrated to Brooklyn, New York and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a field radio operator. She shares how eye opening the military was for her, moving through ranks, and eventually landing into working at the Pentagon for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. She moved around widening her array of paths, landing in her current role. Lorna shares some wisdom, mentioning how she likes to talk about ladders and how useful creating ladders in life can be, she says "I think about ladders in terms of horizontal component, in that you can create bridges, right? And, um, ways over obstacles, uh, for, for not only, uh, for yourself, but for others and an entire organization." We thank Lorna for sharing her story with us.