Career Notes 6.25.23
Ep 155 | 6.25.23

Slavik Markovich: Time is of the essence. [CEO]

Show Notes

Slavik Markovich, CEO of Descope joins Dave to discuss his career as a serial entrepreneur. Before Descope, he co-founded and was the CEO of Demisto, a leader in the SOAR industry, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2019 for $560M, where he then served as SVP of Products. Before co-founding Demisto, Slavik was VP & CTO of database technologies at McAfee. He joined McAfee via the acquisition of Sentrigo, a database security startup he co-founded and served as CTO for. He goes into depth of his career changes throughout the years and how that has helped lead him to where he is now in his career. He shares that as a CEO and found of multiple companies he values time and hard workers. He says " I think we really stress the importance of, uh, of responsibility. So if, if you kinda take something, you, you make sure to finish it and on time, if you promise to do something, you do that. And so that's really important for us." We thank Slavik for sharing his story with us.