Career Notes 7.9.23
Ep 157 | 7.9.23

Eric Tillman: A creative way into cyber. [Intelligence]

Show Notes

Eric Tillman, Chief Intelligence Officer at N2K Networks sits down and shares his incredibly creative journey. Eric loved being creative from a young age. When he started to think about a career he wanted to incorporate his love of creativity into his love for tech and turn it into an intelligence career. Eric started by joining the Navy, which set him on this path to work in cyber where he shared his talents with several big companies, including, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, and Okta, eventually ending up at our very own N2K Networks. Eric shares the advice that there is something for everyone in this field, and even though he wanted to start his journey in a creative way, he found that combining his love for tech and art helped him to pave the way to where he is now. He says " A lot of people get here from a very technical background and, it really almost doesn't matter, where you came from, there is something in cybersecurity that takes advantage of the skills that you bring to the table and,either way, there's plenty of room here for everyone." We thank Eric for sharing his story with us.