Career Notes 7.16.23
Ep 158 | 7.16.23

Jennifer Addie: Finding creative solutions. [COO]

Show Notes

Jennifer Addie, COO and CWO from VentureScope and MACH37 Cyber Accelerator sits down to share her incredible story, bringing creativity into the cyber community. Growing up Jennifer always loved the human side of things, and learning that she had a knack for computers helped her to realize what type of field she wanted to pursue as an adult. She started working jobs dealing in programming, database administration, product development, and it was there in the design of those products where she felt the deep need for security, emerging as critical in her consciousness. She shares how she likes to be on a personal level with the people she works with, always wondering where people came from and why they are passionate, being a very interactive leader. Jennifer also says that she believes bringing creativity into the field is what helps her solve any form of problem the best stating "I absolutely agree with the idea that, that creativity is far more than artistic capability. It is very much centered on problem solving and in fact, the master's degree that I received in creativity focuses on creative problem solving as a process." We thank Jennifer for sharing her story with us.