Career Notes 7.23.23
Ep 159 | 7.23.23

Don Welch: Being a good leader. [CIO]

Show Notes

Don Welch, Chief Information Officer from New York University sits down to share his exciting start into his cyber career. Much like many other people who started in this industry, Don went into the military, which is where it all started for him. He was told he needed to take two specialties, and so along with mechanical engineering, he decided to go into computer science as well. After taking his two crafts, he decided to leave the Army and go into the civilian world where he took a couple jobs in cyber. He landed a few jobs at different prestigious universities, including Penn State University, University of Michigan, and now New York University. He shares that being a good leader will take you far in life, saying "I will say that if you are a great leader, ultimately, you sit in your office and do nothing because you have developed your team and empowered them, and they're making all the decisions, everything runs like clockwork and you have nothing to do." We thank Don for sharing is story with us.