Career Notes 7.30.23
Ep 160 | 7.30.23

Morgan Adamski: Seeing around corners. [Collaboration]

Show Notes

Morgan Adamski from the National Security Agency (NSA) sits down to talk about her path to getting into cybersecurity. Remembering back to when she was a kid, she recalls using old technology to chat with friends online, that's where it all began for Morgan. She shares how in high school she fell in love with the concept of debating and being on a team. During her high school career, 9/11 occurred, and she became fascinated with who was behind the biggest attack America had seen in the 21st century, driving her to pursue a degree in National Security. Coming out of college, she was able to get a job in the DIA, after working there for two years, she found herself at the NSA, where she is now. Morgan shares how her leadership style helps her to not only connect dots on problems, but also see around corners, saying "it's not just about connecting the dots, it's about seeing around the corners and so that helps me better predict, um, how do I build an organization that's successful three to five years down the road." We thank Morgan for sharing her story with us.