Career Notes 8.6.23
Ep 161 | 8.6.23

Manuel Hepfer: Discipline, self motivation, and steam. [Research]

Show Notes

Manuel Hepfer a cybersecurity researcher from ISTARI sits down to share his story with us. Manuel shares as a kid he was very interested in STEM, and in school he remembered a programming class that he fell in love which made him want to pursue a career in cyber. Studying at the University of Oxford he began working towards acquiring a degree in Cybersecurity and Strategic Management. He found research to be a passion and wanted to share his passion, he decided he wanted to publish, so Manuel published an article in MIT Sloan management review that's titled "Make Cybersecurity a Strategic Asset." He shares that finding a passion, like he did, is the key to working in cyber, saying "I think what I learned at the time is the value of discipline and self motivation. And now you can always come up with a lot of discipline and self motivation, but you'll run out of steam at some point if you're not very passionate about some of the things that you're doing." We thank Manuel for sharing his story with us.