Career Notes 8.13.23
Ep 162 | 8.13.23

Dr. Georgianna Shea: Don't wait to take the initiative. [Technologist]

Show Notes

Dr. Georgianna Shea, the Chief Technologist at the Transformative Cyber Innovation Lab at the Foundations for Defensive Democracies (FDD) sits down to share her incredible story, moving around to different roles and how that has lead her to where she is today. Her careers have taken her to many different states throughout the years, as she has learned and grew into the roles she took on, from Hawaii to D.C., Dr. Shea has done it all. Sharing some advice, Dr. Shea says "My words of wisdom are take advantage of every opportunity and don't wait for anybody. I try to mentor people and I talk to young people a lot, you know, trying to get into the field and, and I see a lot of waiting on other people." She explains that you are able to work on your own to become an expert, and taking that initiative will be the thing to get you to where you want to be. We thank Dr. Georgianna Shea for sharing her story with us.