Career Notes 8.20.23
Ep 163 | 8.20.23

Luke Vander Linden: With age comes knowledge. [VP]

Show Notes

This week, our guest is Luke Vander Linden, Vice President of Membership & Marketing from RH-ISAC and host of the RH-ISAC podcast here at the CyberWire. Luke sits down to share his story all the way back to when he was a very young age where he was a child model and actor to where he is now working in the cyber industry. Luke fell into the marketing field after his time as a child actor, where he really started to find his passion. After finding his passion, he decided to branch out to different areas in the field, working in public libraries and advocacy groups, this is where he started to really enjoy the prospect of working with individuals who support organizations, which got him started in the RH-ISAC world. Luke shares that he wears many hats these days, working in the podcast business while also working on the leadership team at RH-ISAC. His advice for people getting into this industry is "I think with age comes this knowledge, but also with experiences. So, I mean, to that point, don't be afraid to go out there and fail, give it a shot." We thank Luke for sharing his story with us.