Career Notes 8.27.23
Ep 164 | 8.27.23

Dina Haines: Keep the boat afloat. [Partnership manager]

Show Notes

This week, we welcome Dina Haines, an Industry Partnership Manager with the National Security Agency's Cybersecurity Collaboration Center. Dina found from a young age, she was always interested in the field, taking after her father who worked in the space industry, paving the way for her to fall in love with the field. She worked in the private sector for a bit, moving around every now and again, eventually landing the position she works now. Dina says her day to day job is helping the NSA to bend and protect cyberspace by bringing in private industry. She says "I try to spend a lot of time listening and seeing where people, where they're coming from, where they're at, you know, potentially in their career, where they're at in their job that day, and then try to, um, support them and bring them up and, and float the entire boat." We thank Dina for sharing her story with us.