Career Notes 9.3.23
Ep 165 | 9.3.23

Rick Doten: There is a rainbow of different roles in cybersecurity.

Show Notes

This week's guest is Rick Doten, the VP of Information Security at Centene Corporation, he sits down to share his story and provide wise words of wisdom after conquering this industry for 30 years. Rick, like many others in the field started off not knowing what he wanted to do, so he tried out a few things, including doing in-user training and desktop support, eventually evolving to do systems analysis work and designing software. Rick shares that his main day to day roles are spending time helping out the corporate global CISO, CTO, and head of platform within the organization, he shares that his nickname is the neighborhood cat because he's everywhere. Rick shares advice for people getting into the industry for the first time, saying "There is a rainbow of different roles in cyber security, and I feel like I've done all of them in the last 30 years. So there are different things that, that you, the thing that like appeal to you the most because you're going to excel and want to hyper focus on the thing that you really, really are interested in and not the thing that you're not" We thank Rick for sharing his story with us.