Career Notes 9.17.23
Ep 167 | 9.17.23

Karl Mattson: Remaining operationally focused. (CISO)

Show Notes

Karl Mattson, CISO at Noname Security, joins us to share his story. Having started out as a "military brat," traveling the world as the child of a Marine, Karl later joined the Army not long after high school. In the Army, Karl was assigned the career field of intelligence analyst and started working with the NSA. He says that was a real career break. Following the Army, Karl worked in the financial services world as a CISO. At Noname, Karl began by building out internal risk and IT functions into a strong, what he calls spectacular team. Karl recommends "deferring gratification as long as possible" when building your career. He says, "People early in their career, looking at government service, those positions don't, you know, make anybody rich overnight, but they are amazing career cornerstones to build on." He closes sharing the importance of relationships. We thank Karl for sharing his story with us.